‘Sometimes I Think About Dying’ Trailer

Finally! As I said on X (Twitter) before, Sometimes I Think About Dying will release in cinema on January 26 at the Angelika in New York! Hopefully Daisy will be able to promote the movie before heading to Australia to film We Bury The Dead.

Gallery update: projects and new appearance

It’s a bit quiet these days but we’re used to it, aren’t we? I’ve uploaded many pictures from Daisy Ridley‘s recent projects: Magpie and Sometimes I Think About Dying. I’ve also added personal pictures and a new appearance. On September 21, Daisy attended  ‘Vanya‘s press night in London. Don’t forget to browse the photoshoot section because there are some new pictures… Enjoy!

‘Sometiemes I Think About Dying’ first look

We finally have a first look at Daisy Ridley‘s next project ‘Sometimes I Think About Dying’. The movie will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January! Find the first still below: