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Grazia China : interview

Toujours pas de news de Daisy, il semble qu’elle ne viendra pas aux BAFTA en fin de semaine. En revanche, grâce à Sleemo et afterblossom sur Tumblr, l’interview chinoise de Grazia a été traduite en anglais ! Découvrez la en dessous, on y apprend quelques nouvelles choses sur Daisy !

Still no news from Daisy, apparently she’s not coming to the BAFTA at the end of the week. On the other hand, thanks to Sleemo and afterblossom on Tumblr, the chinese interview for Grazia has been translated to english ! Read it below, we learn some new things about Daisy !

GRAZIA has an exclusive interview with the most-wanted female lead in Hollywood who is the heroine in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. People [in China] call her “Dominant Daisy” and “Naïve Ridley/Rey”. Her Rey is the first female Jedi in the 40-year history of the Star Wars franchise. She is not only a Jedi in the film itself, but outside of it as well. She is concerned about social issues and, most importantly, has stayed humble after becoming a superstar. It doesn’t sound much easier than saving the universe.

Just before Christmas, the most anticipated film Star Wars: The Last Jedi held its premiere in Shanghai. If you’re wondering what it felt like to be there, besides that the film was fantastic and you need to book your tickets early, it’s that it was excruciatingly cold! I wore three layers and was still freezing after I came home. It made me shiver just seeing how dedicated Daisy Ridley was, wearing nothing but a cheongsam-style dress. Even though the cold made her cheeks pink, she still signed autographs for fans and each time she saw them pulling out their phones, she immediately stood by and smiled, showing off her white teeth and reminding us of the fluffy Jelly Cat Toothy toys.

One day ago, I still didn’t think that way. The day before the premiere, GRAZIA had an exclusive interview with this new representative heroine from Hollywood, and I couldn’t help but do some research about her, besides that after being chosen as the new lead of the Star Wars franchise, she lifted weights for 5 hours every day. Here are some other fun facts about her:

• She is a strict vegan. That means milk, eggs, and even food containing these ingredients is a no-no for her;

• Before Star Wars: The Force Awakens she produced and narrated a documentary called The Eagle Huntress. This is a very feminist story about a 13-year-old Mongolian girl named Aisholpan who is trying to challenge a long-held tradition that’s only been passed down to boys over hundreds of generations. The girl learns how to hunt with an eagle with the help of her father and becomes the first eagle huntress;

• After her fame skyrocketed, she didn’t move to Hollywood. She is still living in her house in London with her family;

• She has no social media, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook. During the interview, she said, “I don’t want to be a part of social media. It’s not good for your health.”;

• Oh, and she had a pitiful deaf and blind dog named Muffin.


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Incredible Women Talk

Des nouvelles de Daisy ! Elle n’est finalement pas venue au Sundance Festival pour cause de re-shoots de Chaos Walking mais la voilà le 30 janvier à l’événement “Incredible Women Talk” organisé par le magazine Porter avec la Dr. Jane Goodall. Daisy est blonde ! J’aime beaucoup sur elle. Découvrez 9 photos dans la galerie.

News from Daisy ! She eventually didn’t attend the Sundance Festival because of reshoots for Chaos Walking but there she is, on january 30 at the Incredible Women Talk by Porter magazine with Dr. Jane Goodall. Daisy is blonde ! I love it on her. 9 pictures in the gallery.

Oscars Nominations for The Last Jedi

L’annonce des nominations aux Oscars est tombée mardi et Star Wars : The Last Jedi est nominé dans 4 catégories !

  • Meilleur montage (son)
  • Meilleur mixage (son)
  • Meilleure musique
  • Meilleurs effets visuels

La cérémonie aura lieu le 04 mars prochain, félicitations !

Oscars’ nominations came up on tuesday and Star Wars : The Last Jedi is nominated in 4 categories !

  • Sound editing
  • Sound mixing
  • Original score
  • Visual effects

The ceremony will be on March 04, congratulations !