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  • Daisy has two sisters : Poppy Sophia and Kika-Rose whom she loves very much.
  • Her full name is Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley.
  • She has a few nicknames : Daz, Dazzle, Dai, the baby.
  • Her mom says she was a very energetic child.
  • Daisy has endometriosis that required her to undergo many surgeries.


  • Daisy attended Birbeck College.
  • Daisy trained in drama at Tring Park.
  • She has stick, kickboxing and dance skills.
  • Speaks english, french and japanese.
  • She is a great whistler.
  • Green belt in kickboxing.


  • First started in minor television roles.
  • She arrived an hour late to her first ever audition.
  • Hates to be late to a meeting.
  • She couldn’t tell she got casted in Star Wars for months!
  • Participated in two animated features so far, as character’s voice.
  • Her agent, her publicist, and her hair and makeup people all call her “the baby.”
  • Next, Daisy would like to do a musical.


  • Loves to wash her clothes.
  • Daisy loves karaoke, her go-to song is “Unbreak My Heart”.
  • She loves to cook, especially vegan meals and cakes.
  • Loves musicals, her favorite is “Wicked”.
  • Cooked Kelly Marie Tran pizza.
  • Has four tattoos (and isn’t considering doing another)
  • Can knit really well.
  • Loves to read.


  • Describes her own look as “a four years old boy”
  • Her favorite piece is a blue (faux) fur jacket that makes her look like Sully in Monsters&Co.


  • Is a fan of “Marmite” (english spread).
  • Loves english weather.
  • Drinks her tea with honey.
  • Her favorite color is gray.
  • Her spirit animal is the dolphin.
  • Loves dogs, is allergic to cats.
  • Her favorite food is sushis.
  • Daisy is a vegan.